Hey girl, I'm Kim Trathen.


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You started your coaching business because you are passionate about helping other people. But, it’s time to expand your business and gain visibility online.

Learning social media marketing can feel overwhelming. There is already so much going on in the online space that it can feel next to impossible to get noticed online. But, the truth is, with the right marketing strategy in place, you can get noticed!

Increasing your online visibility doesn’t have to be super complicated or hard. By implementing some easy to follow strategies, you can begin creating content that grows your business and attracts new opportunities.

I know this because once I got strategic with my content, I was able to sign clients, I was featured in the Digital Business Woman e-magazine, I had articles published and I landed my first paid speaking events; which led to signing more clients….all of this within my first 4 months of launching my business!

If you want to grow your coaching or consulting business online, I got you, girl!

In addition to my client work, I also hosted an interview series for female entrepreneurs, called Girls Talk Business.