Why Creating Video Content is So Scary

Statistically, there are people reading this blog that would rather die than get up and speak publicly. Let me say that again for the people in the back, THERE ARE PEOPLE THAT WOULD RATHER DIE THAN GIVE A PUBLIC SPEACH.

It sounds crazy but, time and again, people report that their fear of public speaking is greater than their fear of death!

But, why is that? There are a lot of worries that run through someone’s mind when they have to speak: what if people laugh at me, what if I forget what I’m going to say, what if I do something embarrassing and, worse of all, what if people don’t like what I say.

Psychologists have studied the fear of public speaking to determine why it’s so deeply engrained in us and they have surmised that it is probably linked to our basic fear of rejection. According to the Psychology Today article, The Thing We Fear More Than Death, since humans were not the fastest, strongest or fiercest animals, we quickly realized that we could survive using our wits and through collaboration (there really is power in numbers!). We, literally, realized that we needed our tribe to survive.

Creating video content for your business evokes the same basic fears as public speaking: what if people laugh at me, what if I forget what I’m going to say, what if people don’t like what I say!? But, creating video content for social media adds a new fear to the list. The fear that no one will watch your video (which may be scarier than if someone does watch your video!).

So, what can you do to conquer your fear and start creating videos for your business?

  1. Brainstorm about video topics you can create (these should be things you can talk about with ease).

  2. Choose your video topic and write a short outline including your welcome, the main content points and your closing (don’t forget your call-to-action in your closing).

  3. Create your space (do you have a home office, do you need to create a space, etc.).

  4. Get a tripod (trust me, you do not want to hold your phone for 10 minutes).

If you are going live on Facebook and haven’t done it before, you may be relieved to learn that at the end of your video, when you click Finish, FB will give you the option to share the video or delete it. YOU HAVE A CHOICE!

Considering people prefer video over written posts, creating video content on social media will quickly increase your online presence.

Check out my video with my 5 Tips to Confidently Go Live over on my Facebook business page for more tips on how to confidently go live.