Tips for Repurposing Your Live Videos

Did you know that, according to a SproutSocial report, about 1.6 Billion live streams are watched on Facebook EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. Seriously, girls…live video is a great tool to include in your social media marketing strategy! Your clients need to Know, Like + Trust you to do business with you and live video helps them really get to know you faster than written posts.

I like to call written social media posts One Dimensional Marketing because your audience can only read your words. But, video is Three Dimensional Marketing because people can hear you, see you and really get to know you.

So, you spend 20 minutes creating a short tips/tools/training live stream. Now what? Is it just….over? No! NOW IT’S TIME TO KEEP THAT CONTENT WORKING FOR YOU.

Repurposing your content is how you get multiple uses from one piece of content you created. It’s important to get as many uses out of a single piece of content as you can. This is part of the streamlining process.

The #1 way I repurpose my live streams is by creating a written post for each item in the live stream. For example, I created a live stream with my 5 Tips to Confidently Go Live. After the live stream ended, I created one written post for each of the 5 tips. You have just created 5 additional pieces of content from one post!

You can also:

  1. Post the video link on your other social platforms

  2. Email your list an overview of the live along with a link to catch the replay

  3. Create a highlight video from the live

  4. Post a blog on your website

Content creation can feel like a necessary evil to many entrepreneurs, but the more you automate and streamline the process, the easier it becomes to create more content. So, go ahead, look back at content you’ve already created and see how you can repurpose it!