Girls Talk Business

The Girls talk Business series ran in 2018.

I had the privilege of interviewing 25 amazing female entrepreneurs running online businesses in 2018. Each woman spoke about her journey and offered her top 2 tips to other entrepreneurs. If you are grinding at your business, or wondering how to find the courage to start a business, listen to this powerful series.

Each woman had a unique reason she started her business. From being unexpectedly fired, to overcoming a childhood of poverty…to her young daughter being diagnosed with Leukemia…every guest on Girls Talk Business had to overcome major life obstacles to dive in and create her dream life.

Their stories, their journeys and their advice is powerful and life changing.

I hope you enjoy #GirlsTalkBusiness.


Listen to their amazing stories of heartache and determination. Catch the replay of Girls Talk Business to hear these fierce women share their stories of resilience. All episodes on YouTube.