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Becoming An Expert: A Content Strategy self study E-course

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You are confident in your knowledge and skills but how do you relay this in your social media content? Does your content position you as an expert to attract clients and open doors to other possibilities (speaking events, published articles, and more!). What if I could show you exactly how to create content that establishes you as an expert? Iโ€™m excited to offer you the e-course, Becoming An Expert. In this course, you will learn:

  • What your clients need to see and hear from you

  • What services should be highlighted in your content

  • The power of collaboration

  • How to talk about your services

  • How to create strategic content (including choosing hashtags for Instagram!)

  • An introduction to Canva so that you can create professional looking images

  • How to create/plan/run a successful live stream

Establishing yourself as an expert is important because when other people view you as an expert, so many doors of opportunity for you! If you dream of securing paid speaking events, being featured in magazines or getting articles published, then people need think of YOU as the expert. Your content needs to showcase your knowledge, look professional and attract your audience.