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Yes,'s time to get strategic with your social media presence.

Stop spinning your wheels trying to get noticed online. Social media doesn't have to be a giant time suck and you don't have to go around chasing people online. 

Facebook and Instagram are powerful tools that can be used to grow your online presence and attract your ideal clients. But, if you aren't LEVERAGING their power, you can end up wasting a lot of time.

Imagine how it would feel to have people following you online, instead of chasing them down! How would it feel to have people contacting you for speaking events or to finally say you are a published author?

Becoming visible online can be overwhelming and, if your content isn’t strategic, you will end up wasting a lot of time. And time is money!

Are you ready to grow your business on social media? 

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Becoming An Expert

You are confident in your knowledge and skills, but is this relayed in your social media content? Does your content position you as an expert to attract clients and open doors to other possibilities (speaking events, published articles, and more!). What if I could show you exactly how to create content that establishes you as an expert? I’m excited to offer you the ecourse, Becoming An Expert. In this course, you will learn:

  • What your clients need to see and hear from you

  • What services should be highlighted in your content

  • The power of collaboration

  • How to talk about your services

  • How to create strategic content (including choosing hashtags for Instagram!)

  • An introduction to Canva so that you can create professional looking images

  • How to create/plan/run a successful live stream

Establishing yourself as an expert is important because when other people view you as an expert, so many doors of opportunity for you! If you dream of securing paid speaking events, being featured in magazines or getting articles published, then people need think of YOU as the expert. Your content needs to showcase your knowledge, look professional and attract your audience.

Click the button below to purchase the Becoming An Expert course for $399.

Social Launch

Social Launch is my signature 1:1 program and I'm so excited to offer it to you! Many entrepreneurs are not sure what to share online and how to create content with ease when they are using social media to market their businesses. Diving into a social media growth strategy can feel overwhelming. How would it feel to move from stressed and overwhelmed to CONFIDENT? 

Social Launch was designed to help you gain CONFIDENCE + EXPOSURE for you and your business on social media. During the program, I will walk you from A-Z to leverage your social media profiles to grow your business. How would it feel to:

  • Know where your ideal clients are hanging out online

  • Attract people online instead of chasing them down

  • Consistently create your social media posts with ease

  • Learn how to create STRATEGIC content that establishes you as an expert

  • Grow your online following

  • Understand how to implement your social media strategy

  • Embrace video for the powerful social media growth tool that it is

  • Learn how to create content efficiently

  • Plan, schedule and automate one month of social media content

Social Launch is an 8-week program designed for motivated female entrepreneurs who are ready to grow their business by leveraging Facebook and Instagram. During the 8 weeks, you will receive weekly 1:1 coaching calls and unlimited email access to me. You will also receive my Goal Setting workbook, recommended reading list, and a BONUS training by the amazing Financial Coach, Jill Emanuel (Five Steps to a Better Budget for Solopreneurs).

What would your business look like if your social media felt easy...if you were consistently creating value-packed content that attracts your ideal clients and automating the process so you are not spending all day online?

Are you ready to leverage your social media to grow your online presence?

Book a call below to chat about your business and see if Social Launch is the right program for you.

Take the next step toward changing your life.


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Sarah Sadler, Owner

I really related to Kim because she is also a busy working mom. She understands first hand the challenges around finding time to launch a business. Kim took one look at my website and was able to quickly give me several tips towards improvement! She easily pointed out improvements I could make that I had not seen myself! She's super positive, uplifting & fun to work with! I would love to work with Kim again and look forward to being around her bubbly personality!


Lexi Healy, Owner

Kim Trathen is a natural giver. She is eager to direct, encourage, and give out advice and resources to you even before you have the chance to ask her. It is her keen insight and knowledge that allows her to help people in ways that they hadn’t even realized they needed help. Her style of teaching makes her seem more like a friend offering advice, rather than a teacher at the front of a lecture room. It is easy to trust in Kim as she is genuine and nonjudgmental. Simply put, Kim knows how to help direct people and she is quick to do so.

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Melissa Furlong, Owner

Kim was fantastic at helping me get clear about what I was offering my clients, the value they would receive, and the direction I wanted to focus on. She guided me in recognizing where my business could grow in terms of effectiveness and marketing so that I could spend more time creating transformations for my own clients and less time on the things that were draining my time. Kim is like a time efficiency genius! Her support and guidance in growing your business authentically and in alignment with what you are truly passionate about is priceless!