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Are you excited to hit your goals for 2019?

You’re passionate. You’re driven. You’re motivated. And you’re ready to make a bigger impact. Becoming visible online can be overwhelming and, if your content isn’t strategic, you will end up wasting a lot of time. And time is money!

Are you ready to grow your business on social media? 

It’s important to me to help as many women grow their businesses as I can this year, so I’m offering different options to work with me. From private 1:1 coaching to purchasing as self-study e-course, you have many options (at many different price points!) to consider.

So…How can I help you achieve your goals?

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Private 1:1 Coaching

One-to-one private coaching is incredibly powerful because we dive deep into YOUR business and exactly what YOU need to grow and achieve your goals. I offer different program lengths but with each 1:1 program, you receive a private weekly one-hour phone call via Zoom and unlimited email support between calls.

The 1:1 calls are designed to focus on the areas you’re struggling with or the goals you set, so these sessions are customized for you. With that said, many of my clients have focused on:

  • How to design an email funnel

  • Creating an irresistible offer to attract clients

  • Busting through the mindset blocks that are holding them back

  • Creating their social media content strategy and understanding how to implement it

  • Learn how to market their e-course they’ve been pouring their heart and soul into

1:1 private coaching programs range from 4 to 12 week programs and pricing ranges from $1200 to $3000, with payment plans available.

If you are interested in 1:1 coaching, click the button below to book a no obligation discovery call. These calls are used to talk about your business, your goals and how I can help you. If we’re a good fit then, at the end of the call, we’ll talk about the custom coaching packages for you to consider.

let’s take your business to the next level. Click to the button below and schedule your call.

Voxer Access Coaching Package

How would you like a coach in your back pocket?

Are you stuck in your business and would LOVE to hire a coach, but you just don’t have thousands of dollars laying around to invest? Or, maybe you are already working with a coach but need some additional guidance when it comes to your social media strategy. We’ve all been there when you’re working away on your programs, website, etc. and hit a block. Should you do A or B? If only you could ask someone right then to bounce around the pros and cons!

Well, if this is you, I’m excited to share with you my new Voxer Access Coaching Package. This is an affordable coaching package that allows you Voxer and email access to me M-F. The investment is $600/month and I respond to your messages within one business day.

From Overlooked to Getting Booked

Join the vip wait list now.

From Overlooked to Getting Booked is a group coaching program where you will build out your marketing systems to attract clients on social media and generate leads. This program is designed for female coaches/consultants that are tired of grinding hard to find clients, without booking many (or any!). During the program, we will cover:

  • Your dream clients

  • How to create your “Hell Yes!” offer.

  • Attract those dream clients.

  • The super sexy tech stuff (landing pages that convert).

  • Your email funnel (what does this mean? what do you say? what do you promote?)

  • Promote your sh*t (organically or paid). Yes, I’ll share my personal FB ads strategy with you!


Becoming An Expert

A Content Strategy self study E-course

You are confident in your knowledge and skills but how do you relay this in your social media content? Does your content position you as an expert to attract clients and open doors to other possibilities (speaking events, published articles, and more!). What if I could show you exactly how to create content that establishes you as an expert? I’m excited to offer you the e-course, Becoming An Expert. In this course, you will learn:

  • What your clients need to see and hear from you

  • What services should be highlighted in your content

  • The power of collaboration

  • How to talk about your services

  • How to create strategic content (including choosing hashtags for Instagram!)

  • An introduction to Canva so that you can create professional looking images

  • How to create/plan/run a successful live stream

Establishing yourself as an expert is important because when other people view you as an expert, so many doors of opportunity for you! If you dream of securing paid speaking events, being featured in magazines or getting articles published, then people need think of YOU as the expert. Your content needs to showcase your knowledge, look professional and attract your audience.

Click the button below to purchase the Becoming An Expert course for $199.

Client Love Notes


Bri Luginbill, Owner

I just launched my business in August 2018 and I started working with Kim at the end of November 2018 through the end of December 2018. Just one month of Kim Trathen, but it literally propelled my business into 2019! Originally, I had 0 paying clients, 0 paid speaking gigs, content I posted was sporadic and I had no content plan. Fast forward to January 2019 - this month I have 3 paid speaking engagements! I have paid speaking engagements through May 2019 actually. My content is more consistent. I have people buying my products!


Kara Hoholik, Owner

I was really just getting started with my workshops when I hired Kim. Now I feel like I've officially launched!! I have some workshops scheduled and I have my freebie out into the world. I feel confident I'm doing the right thing and doing a needed and important thing.


Rhonda Madrid, Owner

I cannot thank Kim enough! I am so pleased with the unlimited email and Voxer coaching package. Within just the first FOUR days, I've already gained so much knowledge, motivation and guidance from Kim. Yesterday, I was able to achieve more in 3 hours then I did the whole week!

 Before Kim’s coaching, I was frustrated and running around in circles every day. I felt defeated and couldn't figure out how to become more efficient and productive in my work day. Kim has given real-life, applicable solutions to assist me in the challenges I face as a business owner.

 Not only has Kim’s coaching helped me with my business, but it unintentionally has also helped in other areas of my life as well. Kim showed me how to stay on track and focused throughout the day that I actually now have family time, self-care time and time to clean my house.

I am extremely confident that with Kim’s continued coaching and my business model that I can take my business to the next level to reach my goals and dreams!